April 2019

Congrats to the inductees of the 2019 "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame."

Now, CAN WE GET REAL? When is this group going to finally stop ignoring Bryan Adams? No one, that isn't already inducted, deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more than he does.  

I have put up a list of many credentials Adams can be proud of having under his belt to prove my case.  Simply put, he has out sold and out performed the majority of members already enshrined. He has received more award recognition and honours than many of these artists. He is more famous around the world than most of these artists, not just in America and Canada.  Above all of that, he has used his fame for human rights, animal rights, education and research, peace and hunger issues more than most of the acts that have been bestowed into this club.  Naysayers can claim reasons such as he was in an era of arena pop rock, power ballads, lack of flashy gimmicks but then I say to look inside the hall and see the dozens of names that fit into that mould even better (or worst depending how you look at it.) Maybe because he doesn’t have a shady past of discretions or a tabloid filled career with endless drug and alcohol problems. The more eccentric kinds tend to get more attention? So once again, congrats to this year’s inductees.  

That said, what more does Bryan Adams need to do?  Be NOT Canadian?  I say this seriously.  If he were American or British, I sincerely believe he would have been included already.  Hell! If he were British, he would have been knighted.  Just remember how long it took for “Rush” to be included. 

Maybe Bryan Adams doesn’t care but a lot of his fans do.  He’s turning 60 this year.  Let’s give him a great birthday gift and get his ass nominated and inducted already.  

-Erik J. Matthews