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With new found clarity, reflection, a sense of inspiration and passion, Erik J. Matthews has taken back his place in the spotlight of his life.  

Being raised on blue collar values, Erik writes songs that tell his story and his vision of what life is to him and his family, for better or worse. 

​His songs blend a complimentary mixture of rock, blues, folk and country influences into a familiar sound with the intention of bringing out the best in both his and his audience's emotions to relate a sense of community and understanding.

​Being a singer/songwriter, music instructor and session player has taken him across the continent on memorable adventures over the years; meeting wonderful and creative individuals from all walks of life that have fuelled his artist output. 

As Erik continues along on his journey, he invites everyone listening to jump along, sit back or stand up as he takes this exciting adventure the best way forward he knows how. 

"The only thing I truly know about myself is that I can't stop chasing the sound of the music that is in my head."

-Erik J. Matthews