Read reviews for the 2018 release of "The Old Man's Garage" by Erik J. Matthews

Erik J. Matthews and Brittany Metz join forces on this single, presenting gorgeous vocal harmonies that lean in something of a Simon and Garfunkel direction. The poetic imagery and self-reflection in the lyrics add to this nostalgic effect, as does the simplicity of the acoustic guitar set-up. 
From a songwriting perspective, the melody of the song has a familiar feel – it’s easy to get into it, it’s comforting in that we recognise the style and this arrangement of notes, descending at the end of each phrase. Structurally the song moves forwards in a manner that holds your interest though, the sections and the cut aways – the solo vocal moments, the switch to the hook, the development of the story line – all of this helps add layers of detail to an otherwise fairly standard piece of performance. All of this, actually, fuses beautifully, resulting in something that finds itself floating much higher than the opening moments may imply. 
By the end of the song, the concept lingers in your mind, certain lines stay with you – those roses at the door draw intrigue and invite you to replay the song or relive the experience to gain a little more clarity.

-Rebecca Cullen
Glimar Awards (Glimar Indie Music Awards)

United Kingdom

Sept 12/2018

"Erik is a newer face on the scene. Being his first recordings, I find him interesting. He is a fine musician and teacher. Lyrically poignant at times, he delivers melodically with catchy hooks . Erik touches on influences which can often be heard throughout his songs." 

-Geoff Eyre
Juno Awards' winner
​Multiplatinum selling artist
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Erik J. Matthews is a true original, with a friendly blue-jeans voice and expert guitar licks, the kind of guy you could sit next to on a long bus ride and be endlessly fascinated as he pulls tale after tale from his backpack, each one decorated with his colorful handcrafted lyrics and tunes that warm up to you like stray dogs. Some gems: "You can change the lies/But that don't change the truth" and "It's hard counting the years when you're living a day at a time." Matthews is on my personal playlist, and I hope to hear more from him."

-Michael R.J. Roth

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Multiple award winning singer/songwriter

Erik J Matthews now has merchandise available at his shows! Check his social media for updates on what will be on sale in your town.

You can speak to him at the venue to arrange custom orders specific to your request. 

Pre-orders and custom orders are accepted  through the contact page and we will communicate through email to arrange. 

Released August 18/2019

The Old Man's Garage

"Studio G1" presents a 15 song album recorded live in three different locations across Canada over the summer of 2018.

Matthews wanted to record a bare bones album with focus on the craft of songwriting itself, stripping away full instrumentation and overproduction to get inside the heart of the matter.

Recorded live in "Studio G1"

 -New Westminster, BC

-Chilliwack, BC

-New Tecumseth, ON


Working with local artists, Erik has chosen to brand his merchandise by paying homage to Maija, his most loyal fan. She spent hours at his feet, without judgment, while he worked on his songwriting and composing. She would sing along if he strummed 'Dm' and wake up the neighbours letting them know he had a hit. 

Maija, and so many other precious pets, are loved and lost. They are our true companions through this life, asking for so little in return. 

Net proceeds of merchandise sold will go to animal rescue charities to help those working to ensure every furry friend has a home.