A special thanks goes out to...

Kingston, Ontario - 2014

...all of the people who have crossed my path and helped me with encouragement and time along this journey.  It has always been greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the individuals who specifically worked with me on my music at one time or another over the years as I tried to find that sound:  

Jeremy Ball, Matt Ball, Jeff Bonner, Bogey Boyd, Steve Charlton, Stu Coleman, Gerald Cordeiro, Michael Coutts, Chris Dacosta, Geoff Eyre, Bill Fulton, Meagan Harris, Mike Herle, Birgitta Jalava, Gord Jalava, Liisa Jalava, Ron Johnson, Jason Kleiss, Brittany Metz, Quinn Patterson, Heather Prien, Lorraine Prien, Sarah Prien, Joe Rebagliati, Wojtek Rojewski, James Stobbe, Cliff Thompson, Christiaan Van Wyk, Clint Welsh, Dave Werk, Davin Westergard, and Jacob Wyman. (apologies if I forgot anyone)

​​Thanks to everyone that comes out to the shows.  Remember to support local music and independent artists.